Assignment Design

Designing writing assignments

  • Very thorough overview of how to design writing assignments and how to design your entire semester around the writing assignment. This post on assessing the intermediate steps (i.e., making the process count) is a particularly thorough but also very good overview of big assignment design.


  • Lots of Assignments on here!

Linguistics 101 at UPenn Assignments

Short Linguistics Paper Assignments from Ferrum College (with guidelines)

Assignments & Solutions from John Benjamins – great for intro or Cognitive Linguistics

MIT Open Course Ware Intro to Linguistics Assignments

Assignment Ideas

  • Amazing list of creative and detailed ideas!

A Better Blogging Assignment

  • Blogs are great classroom tools – it gets students writing publicly, holds them accountable to each other, etc., etc. But there’s something wrong. In this article, the author is looking for ways to make the blog a better assignment – great links!

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