Weekly Breakdown

Week 1 August 29: Introductions

  • Getting on the Commons & Share-Ling
  • Write-Pair-Share
  • Preparing a statement of purpose for any class
    • Blooms taxonomy
    • Observable outcomes
  • Syllabus Design

September 12: See you at the Colloquium in 6417!

Week 2 September 19: Syllabus, First Impressions, Prior Knowledge & The Big Questions


  • On Course: A Week-by-Week Guide: Before the Beginning & Week 1
  • At least 1 article from Supplemental Readings: Syllabus
  • I want to know more about this!!: What the Best College Teachers Do: Chapter 3: How Do They Prepare to Teach


  • Compare Syllabi
  • Course Description for Intro to Linguistics
  • BIG questions in Linguistics
  • Scheduling tests and homework
    • How to manage your workload, too!
  • Make a proto-syllabus

Week 3 September 26: Learning Theory and Learning Styles



  • How does Dewey relate to all this?
  • Concept of an Expert
  • Perry’s theory of intellectual development
  • Does this apply to adults?
  • VARK!

Week 4 October 3: Assignments, Grades & Time management



  • Informal assignments & structured big assignments (i.e., scaffolding)
  • Assignment Types
  • Peer magic
  • Grades
    • Letters, Numbers

October 10: See you at the Colloquium in 6417!

October 17: See you at the Colloquium in 6417!

Week 5 October 24: Academic Ethics

Promoting Academic Honesty & Teaching How to Avoid Plagiarism,

Cheating & Academic Ethics



  • How to teach citations
  • Zotero
  • Turnitin.com
  • Crafting assignments that involve intermediate steps

Week 6 October 31: Technology! (Not so spooky after all)


Look at this infographic (50 Surprising Facts About Technology Usage in College)

Read the Section on Technology for Academic Purposes – about half way through the article.  But  are  They  Connected?   A  Report  on  the  Queens  College Technology  Survey of  the  Use  of  Ubiquitous  Tools  for  Learning


  • Academic Commons
  • Blackboard
  • Google Sites & Blogs
    • Making group blogs
  •  Zotero
  • Turnitin.com
  • Dropbox
  • Open Source Textbooks (links to the Wikibook on Intro to Linguistics )
  • Open Source Linguistics (links to van Oostendorp’s excellent and comprehensive list)
  • Clickers
  • Digitally enhanced assignments
  • Finding your IT, help desk, printers

Week 7 November 7: Special Session

Teaching in Speech & Hearing Departments

Logistics and Protocols for teaching at CUNY

How to get better reviews and feedback

Recap with Energizing & Revitalizing Techniques

Last tips and suggestions


November 14: See you at the Colloquium from 5-7pm room TBA!

Week 8 November 21: Practice Lessons day

Giving Lessons

Reviewer Form

Teaching Assignment

November 28: Happy Thanksgiving!!

December 5: See you at the Colloquium in 6417!

Week 9 December 12: No Session –

Good luck on finals!

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