Frustrating and mind boggling as it is when your student comes to you and says “It was a Kindle edition so I didn’t think I had to cite it.” Or “I didn’t copy it word for word – so it’s not plagiarism!” Or “All the references are at the end – I mean, I read all those books.”

All of these are cases of unintentional plagiarism. Cases of obvious and intentional plagiarism have only one response – which is determined by your college. The unintentional kind is a bit trickier. Here are some articles to help you navigate those waters.

The Future of Plagiarism

  • Hilarious and awesome!! Main point?: Use Turnitin.com

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism: A Question of Education, Not Ethics

  • Argument for educating students to avoid plagiarism, with very solid tips and rationales.

Plagiarism Goes Social

  • How students intentionally plagiarize today.

Assignment Design for preventing plagiarism

  • Short and to the point tips and ideas for preventing plagiarism through assignment design

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