Welcome to the Professional Development Workshop: Teaching Linguistics Across CUNY Campuses in the Linguistics Department at the CUNY Graduate Center. The purpose of this semester-long workshop is to prepare you to teach in Linguistics, Speech and Hearing, and Language Departments throughout CUNY.

We are standing at an exciting point in the history of academia, where the traditional lecture format is being challenged and there is a tangible push for a more student centered model (for more on this debate, start with this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education). This does not mean that the traditional lecture is dead, but it is no longer sufficient. As lecturers at the entry level, we have the ability to shape our teaching in response to this change. Through this practicum, we will go back to the research on teaching and learning, visit the new technologies and resources at our disposal and conceptualize what it means for each of us to be a college professor (and believe me, your students will call you “Professor” – PhD or not).

Teaching at the college level is an artisanal craft that everyone does differently, but there are well documented and researched principles that make for good teaching (the kind that I suspect will outlast MOOCs and inspire you on your darkest days of grad school (if you don’t know what a MOOC is, go read that Chronicle Article)). Therefore, with some preparation, reflection and tools, and a whole lot of time management,  your teaching experience will likely become much more fulfilling and meaningful, hopefully supplementing an reinforcing your own academic journey as well.

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